About Cybi

We are a French company founded by Cybersecurity experts, researchers and engineers from the LORIA and Inria laboratories (LHS high security laboratory, RESIST team). All of our activities and our teams are in France.

We offer innovative and automated Cybersecurity solutions based on complex artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

For example, our SCUBA platform makes it possible to automatically reproduce all the attack paths identified within an information system (Attack Path Management / Management of attack paths) to deduce an analysis of risks and propose treatment plans adapted to the constraints of the beneficiaries.

We support companies, administrations, consulting firms and experts in Cybersecurity decision support through simple, intuitive and efficient solutions.

We address all types of structures and all sizes.

Our Staff

Régis LHOSTE – President
Fabian OSMOND – General Manager (CEO)
Abdelkader LAHMADI – Scientific Advisor
Jérôme FRANCOIS – Scientific Advisor

Frédéric BECK – Scientific Advisor
Pierre-Marie JUNGES – Security Software Developer

We are part of the French Tech East

Our Partners